Paul Smith and The Woolmark Company

Paul Smith is delighted to announce a partnership with The Woolmark Company for spring/summer 14 and autumn/winter 15 on a collaboration focussed on the Paul Smith London collection.

Paul Smith's deftness for modernising sartorial classics shines bright in the London collection where each season suits and formal outerwear are given the Paul Smith treatment. In partnership with Woolmark and in support of Merino wool, Paul will celebrate the versatility and quality of wool in premium tailored pieces for the London collection.
"I have always been a fan of natural fibres, cotton for shirts and wool for the rest, a good staple diet for a fashion designer," Paul explained in reference to the collaboration. "Of course over the years since I started, there has been lots of other new high-tech fabrics that have arrived but I still tend to stick with my wool."
Stay tuned for more on the collaboration soon.

Posted on 20th November 2013