Alan Aboud at Paul Smith 'Space', Toyko

"In 2002, I was bored on a flight to Helsinki. I had my camera with me and I decided to take some photos on the skyline below, but couldn't get a clear shot of the sky without getting a small section of the plane's wing in shot."

When I looked at the resulting images, I was really taken by the beauty of this engineered machine sitting side by side with nature. I decided from then on to take photos whenever I flew. The number of images increased massively due to my traveling, and ABOVE ALL ELSE was born." Alan Aboud
Nine years on, the first exhibition of these images will be at SPACE Gallery, Tokyo. A limited edition book featuring a larger selection of images will also be launched. The exhibition will move to GLOBE at Heathrow T5 in August, followed by New York in October 2011 where it will be on show at the Partners & Spade Gallery.
Alan Aboud has been working with Paul Smith for 22 years: helping him to achieve his creative vision in advertising, packaging and film. It is therefore apt that the debut exhibition of these images takes place at the same time as the 5th anniversary SPACE. The cloud image on the retail packaging for the SPACE shop is part of the original series of images from ABOVE ALL ELSE.
"Everyone takes these pictures when they are flying. They are not exceptional. What makes this project exceptional is the power of the repeated image. The same pictorial content in every image, yet somehow each time the shot is composed, one finds a new and unique angle, crop or colouration.
There is a certain calm in the images, somewhat at odds with the noise in the cabin. The noise, clutter and chaos in one's mind disappears; so much clarity and strength can be gained in flight that no problem is unsolvable. Everything that seemed difficult gets worked out in flight. Perhaps it's because you're above everything, every difficulty, every trauma."
7th April - 15th May 2011
Paul Smith ‘Space’
5-46-14 Jingumae
Tel: 03 5766 1788

Posted on 16th October 2012