David McLean at Paul Smith 'Space', Toyko

Paul Smith 'Space' gallery is pleased to host the exhibition ‘Shot by Shooter’ by London based photographer, David McLean.

David McLean works under the alias Shooter and specializes in street photography and portraiture, documenting the denizens of London as they go about their daily lives. His portraits, all of them candid camera grabs using natural light, are showcased on the blog Shot by Shooter, a collaborative project art-directed by Danny Hunter. McLean masterfully combines the rich tradition of London street photography with contemporary society’s embrace of digital technology.
“The idea of taking photos of people came to me at the age of twenty one; I was in the City Cafe in Edinburgh when Vivienne Westwood suddenly walked in. I wanted to introduce myself but didn’t know how to approach her; I’ve always considered myself quite a shy person. I thought, well I’ll take her picture, and that’s how it happened. Doing sporadic portraits has been a compulsive disorder ever since. I find that you can chat to almost anyone when you have a camera. Taking their picture validates you. That’s what I’ve always loved about it. I spend most of my lunch hour wandering around Soho looking for potential subjects. I see certain types and think I need to capture something, whether they be red heads, geeks, fragile beauties, girls I'd like to be, boys I'm physically attracted to or Great British eccentrics. It’s the work of a collector, and the blog a collection of typologies.”
6th October - 25th November 2012
Paul Smith ‘Space’
5-46-14 Jingumae
Tel: 03 5766 1788

Posted on 9th October 2012