Masahiko Sato, Shun’ichi Suge & Masaya Ishikawa at Paul Smith 'Space', Toyko

Paul Smith 'Space' Gallery is delighted to announce the exhibition “Difference” by Masahiko Sato, Shun’ichi Suge and Masaya Ishikawa.

The Masahiko Sato Laboratory at the Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus has presented the results of its research, such as “Pythagora Switch,” “Nihon-no-Switch,” and “An Arbitrary Point P” in a new form of expression.
“Difference” is its latest research project, begun by Masahiko Sato, Syun’ichi Suge, and Masaya Ishikawa in 2005, and published as a book in 2008.
This exhibition is not simply an overview of the book’s content, but presents the new possibilities of the means of expression called “difference” by also exhibiting three dimensional works.
5th March - 3rd April 2011 
Paul Smith 'Space'
5-46-14 Jingumae

Posted on 2nd March 2011