Rikkianne Van Kirk at Paul Smith 'Globe', London Heathrow

Paul Smith Globe is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition of work by self-taught artist Rikkianne Van Kirk.

Rikkianne is a strong believer in considering the source; her work is just as much about the creative process as it is the finished piece, she enjoys questioning the materials, their past lives and their future possible uses.
The 'You Sentimental Idiot' project is an endeavour inspired by found materials that have a past. Old diaries are the main medium; the first was a diary Rikkianne inherited from her great aunt, the rest were found in antique shops. Rikkianne’s intention is to bring the diary’s aged pages and forgotten words up to date with her illustrations. Some drawings are inspired by direct quotes while others are what the artist imagines the writer would have seen. The end result breathes life into something old, something forgotten, something sentimental.
She is a collector as well as a lover of folk art and all things with a history, her creative outlets encompass various expressive mediums including performance art, sewing, screen printing drawing and painting. Rikkianne currently lives in Hampton Roads, Virginia.
26th July - 23rd August 2011
Paul Smith 'Globe'
Departure Lounge
Terminal 5
Heathrow Airport

Posted on 25th July 2011