Focus | Paul Smith Portrait

With Portrait's personal significance in mind, Paul signed one hundred postcards featuring a hand-drawn illustration of the fragrance bottle. A postcard will be sent with each of the next one hundred orders for Portrait that are made via

Inspired by Paul's love of travel, 'Portrait for Men' and 'Portrait for Women' take inspiration from the scents, images and memories of his globe-trotting.
The result of a two year collaboration between Paul Smith and French "nose" and model Barnabe Fillion, the two met during a photoshoot when Paul was taking portraits for a press campaign. A shared love of travel and interest in the power of scents to evoke memories led Paul to explore a completely different way of creating a Paul Smith fragrance.
What's emerged from the collaboration are two sensual, complex and completely original Paul Smith fragrances that represent a snapshot of Paul's travels, his love of photography and his intimate memories.
Portrait for Men is a woody, spicy fragrance characterised by a distinctive green tea note, pink pepper, cedarwood and a sweet balsamic facet.
Portrait for Women is a fresh, green floral fragrance, which is crisp, light and feminine with a spicy fruity edge and a sensual musky dry tone.

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Posted on 24th October 2013