Focus | Paul Smith Women's Spring/Summer 13

Paul Smith's spring/summer 13 femme fatale is set to breeze through the summer months with grace and elegance.

With movement and sensuality central to the collection, fluid form and light fabrics are given relevance through sharp cuts, bright shades and vivid print.
In silhouette, shoulders are slim-fitting and defined but contrasted with length in the body, giving a more relaxed feel and creating a controlled shape touched with ease and sensuality. Waists high, trousers are wider in the leg and sit just above the ankle. The body is elongated and slight with a nod to powerful, almost balletic form.
Boyish tailoring is touched with an edge of femininity. Shirts fit close to the body and are buttoned tight, whilst jackets are looser and lighter. There's an air of gentlemanly elegance and with it a hint of the colourful uniformity seen in the men's spring/summer 13 collection.
In crepe woollen jackets with chiffon sleeves and in print panels on muted shade shirts, colours clash and fabrics collide. A palette of nudes and beiges sit beside brighter bursts of scarlet red, sunshine yellow and forest green.
True to form, print is central to the collection. Collaged florals feel distinctly unfeminine given high saturation and graphical slashes. In scarlet hues and hot reds, the cut-up floral print is seen across shirt dresses, panelled knitwear and scarves.
As the vivid colour and print combines with more ethereal form, Paul Smith pirouettes into spring/summer 13.

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Posted on 1st March 2013