Paul Smith and The Rug Company

Paul Smith continues to collaborate with The Rug Company on a collection of beautifully intricate and striking rug designs.

Having designed several collections in collaboration with The Rug Company, the most recent showcases Paul's skill with muted colours in bold graphic prints and cubic forms. The Cubes, Umbra and Peak rug designs demonstrate Paul's love of abstract art and architecture.
Gathering inspiration from modernist buildings, Peak and Umbra are based on art deco motifs taken from the design and architecture of the period. Umbra plays with the scale of a graphic art deco print to produce a strong, urban feel in striking monochrome. Peak is a classic 1920s chevron pattern meticulously reworked in hand woven wool and silk for a chic modern twist. The Cubes design is a modern interpretation of stained glass windows, incorporating Smith's interest in abstract art. Each of the beautiful, functional rugs are hand knotted in Nepal, using the artisanal expertise and finest Tibetan wool yarns for which The Rug Company is renowned.
Recently, recognition of Paul's accomplished work came from Wallpaper* magazine who awarded the Umbra design 'Best line work' at their Design Awards 2014. They explained, "We embrace the idea of furniture that redesigns space with black shapes and optical illusions. This is perfectly exemplified by Paul Smith's hand-knotted Tibetan wool rug for The Rug Company, whose appearance changed with shifting points of view."
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Posted on 17th January 2014